Family – I have huge support from all of my family! We have owned horses all my life since I started from Pony Club through to where I am today; part of the BEF World Class program and competing internationally at Grand Prix level! I could never have done this with the people I have behind me!

First of all, my mother, Julie. She has given me the best support and guidance anyone could possibly ask for! I remember the days she spent encouraging me to sit tight on my naughty little pony! She is there everywhere I go with our horses, my eyes on the ground and I’m truly grateful for her! She’s had years of experience working on top professional yards in all kinds of disciplines and has amassed such an in depth knowledge; the horses well being is always a first on our watch!

My father Keith. Throughout my entire life, he’s been there supporting us as a family to grow and pursue whatever dreams we have, giving 100% support in everything no matter what! His love for horses is very strong and when we are away competing and he’s home, he always helps in any way he can.

My two sisters, Abi and Phoebe. Being the middle child and a boy, I was the least expected to have a career with the horses. As a family, we spent most weekends together with the ponies from Dressage to cross country and we absolutely thrived on riding. (plus trying to beat each other at shows!) Cant thank them all enough for being there. I know how lucky I am.

Horse Physiotherapist – Victoria Spalding is based in Yorkshire and linked with Hird and Partners Vets in Halifax. We have been working with Vicky for years now and we couldn’t recommend her enough. Working with her through the world class program has been very influential for Charlie’s success, as we have six monthly reviews and monitoring with both World class vet, farrier and physio and my home team. Vicky works with all the world class dressage horses.

Home Vet – Tim Booth is based at Hird and Partners vets in Halifax and we feel very lucky to have one of the leading veterinary practices in the North working with us. With an Equine hospital attached ten minutes from home, they have a large client base of top class competition horses which gives us peace of mind that our horses will receive the best possible care and advice on their health in keeping them competition sound.

Home Farrier – Mark Barnard has been our home Farrier for over ten years. Based over in the Ribble valley in Lancashire, we are very grateful for him to for his commitment to our horses. He has vast experience in gaining the correct foot balance through the use of medial shoes.

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